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Forza Newsflash: See Austin Camps & Lock-ins page for Camps and School Break Camps. See Austin Schedule for Morning & Evening sessions. Also, see pages for Forza in Michigan and RGV.

Testimonial #10

One day searching for a trainer or other options in soccer I came across Forza Campiones VIP Training. I spoke to David, and he just said "come on over for the last part of our camp". From the moment we walked into his place, the parents were very friendly and made you feel welcome. The first training made a great impression on me. He asked each kid to introduce himself to my son, and then he said ok monkeys let's get to work. The discipline and attention on those kids was something I have never seen at any other practice. From the very first drill I knew there was something different and more valuable at Forza. The training was something my son had never done in 3 years of soccer and 6 month of private training with some of the “biggest names” in soccer in Austin. Then it was time for the kids to play and that is when I notice the difference between the Forza players and any other player I have ever seen in Austin. We were already committed to a different trainer for the following two month, but I knew we were stopping our child from advancement every day he was not training with David. I gave away the two months of training and started with one day a week, then moved to two sessions, and then to unlimited, and my son could never had enough. He was enjoying soccer more than ever in his life. Then we started playing tournaments with the Forza players, and that showed me the other value of Forza. When our team lost the semifinal, they broke in tears and the older players came and comfort them. They told them how they all had been there, and how at the end of the day it was just a game. They don’t only learn the skills need it for professional soccer, but David gives the kids lessons that will help them be a better person for life. He dedicates his time to make sure each player is getting the training need it. Forza also brings out the best talent on each kid, and gives them the confidence to be creative in soccer. He has also taught me how to be a better soccer parent and I can only said that move to the Forza Family was one of the best decisions ever made.

Roberto M Salazar
Austin, TX

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FSA has started its own Soccer Club

Dear Forza Family and Friends,
Forza Sports Academy has started its own Soccer Club, with three locations: Pflugerville, Steiner Ranch, and North Austin. Ask how to have your chld assessed if not already accepted to squad. Please help me share this information to all your friends that might be interested in learning, playing and achieving their goals/dreams under Forza Methodology. Please visit our FSA website for more information, including tryouts and clinics.

Excited Soccer Freak!

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