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"I've worked hard and practiced to master different tricks and turns so that I can dominate opponents in any situation"
Ryan Giggs

What is Forza Campiones?

Any human endeavor takes learning a basic language or grouping of skills. In soccer, the more technical players will rise to the top because they have learned the language of the sport. At Forza Campiones, our philosophy is "Development before Results." Development takes time, commitment, proper coaching, and dedication.

Forza Campiones is a soccer school that focuses and specializes on the technical side of the game beginning at a very young age when possible. The curriculum David established is not simply for his players to be the best at the Club level or in town.  David sets the curriculum so his players can compete at the Elite level and against the World!  The standard and expectation is set with this goal in mind.

Forza Campiones training is for the soccer player who wants to be his/her very BEST and achieve the impossible one day, regardless of size and speed.  Many of David's students are not necessarily considered top players for club, yet they are able to achieve the impossible because of the skills they learned and acquired at Forza. 

Soccer is also a context for character development. All of David's students learn many valuable lessons of life along the way.  David demands excellence in character on and off the field, in school and at club soccer, with friends and with family.

Words cannot explain Forza training and our environment.  You must witness it for yourself.  Forza Campiones is FAMILY!  Forza training is "Simply the BEST!"

What ages can my child are admitted to Forza Campiones?

Forza Campiones has classes for players as young as 4 years old.  Within this class, the program teaches and introduces the players to the concept of the game.  Many fun drills focus on teaching rough motor skills, balance and coordination.

I heard David only picks the most talented players to train; my child is a recreational player. He just wants to improve

One of the biggest misconceptions is that David only trains the elite and talented players because he has such an amazing track record of players going to the next level.  Players at any level can benefit from training at Forza. But what people do not know is that before all of David's senior players achieved incredible success at the next level, they had been training with David since the age of 5-7 years old. 

Of course, older players who came to David will all have to start from the beginning depending on their uation session.  David has to identify all the bad habits, de-program their mind set, and re-teach just about everything in order for the player to acquire the proper foundation.

So if your child is a recreational player and he/she is willing to improve and learn, then he/she will be admitted into the program after David uates him/her.

Is David very strict?

David sets a very high standard, depending on the age and skill appropriate of the child and his/her class.  He will adapt and set the intensity level that best caters to the group. 

Is David and Forza Campiones affiliated with any soccer Club?

No, David trains Club players from everywhere.  We have parents who drive their children 2-7 hours on a weekly and bi/weekly basis to learn from David and Forza Campiones.  For example, our kids not only come from Austin but from San Antonio, Laredo, Corpus, Houston, The Valley (McAllen, Los Fresnos, Pharr) too.  David has even had families relocate so they can train with David on a weekly basis.

Can David tell me what my child's position should be?

Each player possesses characteristics that help them play better at one position than another.  But it is not up to David to label a child at a young age.  Between the ages of 5-14 years old, the players need to be taught all positions, including the roles and responsibilities of each position.  Many mistakes will be made, but the next-level coach will determine what position your child plays and what he needs for his team.  That is the reason why David's players are so well rounded; they can play all positions because they all possess the skills and understanding of what each position needs.  They will be more valuable to the next-level coach due to their knowledge. 

Does David provide 1-on-1 training?

David does not have much time to provide 1-on-1 training.  He reserves the time to do 1-on-1 only to prepare his senior players for the next level and to help prepare them for their next assignment and competition, including Regional and National status, collegiate and semi/professional level.  Many of these players have been with David for 6-10+ years. 

David has provided 1-on-1 training before if he has time.  The fee for 1-on-1 training is $150.00 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours at the Forza facility.  Training off site is will be more, with the fee to be determined by David.

How does David assess players to place them into the training session?

David assesses players and places them based on their skill level, NOT their age.  There are many players who have stepped down to a younger age level to relearn the basic foundations and fundamentals. This is a positive. Learning the technical skills of the game takes time. That is why David consistently says "Development before Results."

How many training sessions a week should my child sign up for?

There are many factors that we need to take into consideration.  Development is an ongoing process.  The number of sessions a player needs is based upon how old they are, how strong their foundation is.  David will sit down with the parents and find out what the player's schedule is, including school, school sports, club sports, etc.

There must be a balance to make sure the player's health and school work do not drop.  David will find out after the consultation and create short-term and long-term goals for the player.  Then he will create a program catering to the needs of the individual player.

What kind of gear does my child wear for his/her uation session?

When you set up a time to bring your child to be uated by David, your child must wear NON-CLUB-affiliated gear.  NO club-affiliated gear will be permitted on the training field!  Forza students come from clubs all over Texas, and the Forza atmosphere will be a neutral ground for all attending players.

What kind of shoes does my child need to train at Forza?

Only turf shoes, indoor shoes or tennis shoes are permitted in the training space.  No Cleats are permitted! 

Do I need to pay for my child's uation session?

No, the uation session is Free.

When do Forza players need to switch to the NEW training kit?

All Forza players must switch to the new training kit by June of 2013.

Do I need to buy my child a Forza training kit?

Yes, if you child is accepted into the Forza training program after the uation session.  All Forza players must purchase a Forza training kit. This will reduce club gossip and reinforce our policy that all players are to be treated equal.  The Forza training kit must be worn in all Forza training sessions.

How much does the Forza training Kit Cost?

The Forza training kit costs $100.00.  The kit includes 2 Jerseys, 1 pair of shorts and 2 pairs of socks.

How can my child play on and represent Forza in small-sided tournaments, tournament traveling teams, and College Showcases?

Forza Campiones School competes in small-sided tournaments, tournament traveling teams and college showcases throughout the year. The Forza Tournament Teams compete not only locally, but also around the US and Internationally.  David will pick what tournaments he would like to compete in.  Players will be called upon to represent the Forza Campiones School in competition.  All players MUST earn their slot within these tournament teams!

What uniform do Forza players wear to compete in tournaments?

Forza players will wear the Forza training kit to compete.  The Forza training kit consists of 2 jerseys, the white jersey is for Home, and the Red jersey is for Away.

How much is Forza training?

Forza provides many different packages for the parents to choose from.  The class prices and fee structure can be found on our CLASS PRICES page.

Can I use my session that I purchase from my package throughout a long period of time?

No, each package that you purchase for your child must be used within that month. See CLASS PRICES page for new policies on sessions/camps. 

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