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Important Class Information

  • All classes must be paid in advance at the beginning of each month in which sessions are to be used.
  • All Austin players must pay an Annual Registration Fee.
  • Each month parents must purchase a new package. Parents must estimate how many sessions their child can attend in that month. All Sessions must be used before the month ends or they will lose them (due to package expiring at end of that month). There will be no rollover to next month for sessions or for camps.
  • There will be NO REFUND if parents sign up for any Forza camps and their child does not attend that specific week(s).
  • All players must wear a Forza Campiones Uniform Kit to the sessions and follows a strict dress code in regard to outfit color in terms of jersey & socks (shorts same any day) for specific days (see bottom of this page).
  • Please have all players at their scheduled session on time. Late arrivers will join the already-in-progress scheduled session.
  • In the event that you need to reschedule or cancel, we must be notified 48 hours in advance or you will be charged. Exceptions due to emergencies are handled on a case-by-case basis.

For additional information about rates for training, please contact Maria Castro at 512-653-9486.

Austin Session Fees

Click here to Schedule one or more Forza Campiones VIP training sessions using MindBody online scheduler.
(have to create an online account to do so). 
See policy under Additional Fees below regarding no show charges and rescheduling.

Evening Sessions (Austin)

Single Evening Walk-in Session (60 minutes per session)  $40 (for non-FSA players as of 9/1/17).
Packages must be used by end of month. Sessions not rollover to next month.
Package A $150 ($37.50 per session) 4 Evening Sessions ($10.00 Savings)
Package B $280 ($35.00 per session) 8 Evening Sessions ($40.00 Savings)
Package C $360 ($30.00 per session) 12 Evening Sessions ($120.00 Savings)

>  >Evening Sessions (AUSTIN): >Click here for a Single Evening Session payment >Click here for Package A (4 Evening Sessions) payment >Click here for Package B (8 Evening Sessions) payment >Click here for Package C (12 Evening Sessions) payment >

Morning Sessions (Austin)

Single Morning Session (90 minutes per session)  $45 (these prices are for non-FSA players as of 9/1/17).
Packages must be used by end of month. Sessions not rollover to next month.

Package D $170 ($42.50 per session) 4 Morning Sessions ($10.00 Savings)
Package E $300 ($37.50 per session) 8 Morning Sessions ($60.00 Savings)

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Morning Sessions (AUSTIN):
Click here for a Single Morning Session payment
Click here for Package D (4 Morning Sessions) payment
Click here for Package E (8 Morning Sessions) payment

Additional Fees (Austin)

All players must purchase and wear a Forza Campiones Uniform Kit to the sessions and must pay an Annual Registration Fee. Use of a uniform is mandatory and new uniform is required as of 9/1/17. You may pickup uniform at Forza.

Annual Registration Fee (required): $50 (this is a non-FSA player fee)
Forza Campiones Uniform Kit (required attire for all training sessions*): $325 for non-FSA and $300 for FSA (will have different logos for FSA and non-FSA. Kit includes: 2 uniforms, warm-up, and bag). Parents need only buy 1 uniform if student only attends one particular day but both if attendig different days.
*New players have up to 4 trial sessions before they have to purchase kit (to make sure Forza training is right for the player). See staff about current prices.

Returned Check Fee (insufficient funds): $50

We need to be notified 48 hours in advance for rescheduling.  You will be charged for the session if you fail to notify me of the rescheduling.  Exceptions due to emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis.  Please have your child/children at scheduled session on time.  Late arrivals will join the scheduled paid session.  

Click here for Forza Campiones new uniforms (non-FSA) payment
Click here for FSA uniform payment

Additional Services & Fees - see ADDITIONAL SERVICES box further below for further description

Click here for ONE on ONE session payment
Click here for EVALUATION session payment
Click here for CLUB ADVICE payment

Additional Services

One-On-One Training

Price per session: $200 
(One-hour session, 2-hour minimum booking required)

Evaluation Session

Price per session: $200
(One-hour session. Includes initial consultation, uation, and final consultation)

College Program Consultation

Price per session: $200
(One-hour session)

Game Evaluation/Match Analysis

Price per session: $300
(Includes initial consultation, one game, final consultation. Greater Austin area only. Call for information about uations outside the Austin area.)

Club Advice (reserved for Forza Campiones parents and students only)

Price per session: $100
(One-hour session)

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