Development Before Results!

My family first heard about David's training when we lived in Corpus Christi, Texas. I expressed to my family when I was ten years old that I wanted to play college ball. The spring of my sophomore year, we started driving to Austin almost every weekend so I could train with David. We spent the entire following summer in Austin training with David. At the end of the summer, our family knew we had to make a decision about my training. After much thought, our family decided that for me to get the right kind of training so that I will continue to play at a higher level, we would need to move to the Austin area. I had never moved from my home, so this decision was hard. I had to leave friends I had known my whole life, in order to continue to follow my dream. I will never regret this move, I only wish we would have done it sooner!

I continued to train with David for the next two years. My level of play continued to become more and more competitive. I enjoyed watching the results of the training time spent with David. On National Signing day in February of 2009, I committed to play with Sam Houston State University. Because of hard work, determination and the hours I spent learning the game of soccer with David, I was able to choose this college, one of several who made scholarship offers. I am happy to say that I just completed my first college soccer season and it was a BLAST!!! I am loving it!!

Thank you DAVID for all of your help and kindness. I will forever be grateful.

Paige Rodriguez
Sam Houston State University

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