Development Before Results!

I first met David when I was 11 years old. He was the random spectator on the sideline calling out my number and repositioning me on the field. At the time, he didn’t know my name and I didn’t know his but every instruction he gave me put me in a better position to make a play. After the game he was introduced to the team as the new coach and trainer for next season.

David seemed to have a drill for everything and every drill had a purpose. David took us to tennis courts to play soccer tennis and work on our ball control. David would arrange scrimmages with bigger, faster, and older players to work on our first touch. We would even watch soccer games at his house and he would explain positioning, spacing, and ball movement.

The biggest impact on my soccer career was David’s ability to teach one-on-one moves. We worked on one-on-one moves every practice, and after a few months working with David I had improved enough to move from defense to center midfield. I made my first career start at center midfield in a tournament. We won the tournament, I was named the Most Valuable Player, and became a team captain. I still have the MVP bag that David gave me 15 years later.

It wasn’t only Soccer with David. David was really big on creating a giant soccer family. We had team BBQ’s, swim parties, and world cup watch parties. The team even went to his wedding!

David’s attention to detail and ability to teach had a giant impact on my soccer career. However, David impact on my life wasn’t only on the soccer field. David’s passion and drive to do everything perfect was contagious. Passion, attention to detail, striving for perfection, these traits when properly applied will push you towards a success whether it’s in soccer or another career.

Spencer Miles

Forza is one of the most amazing things I have been lucky enough to be apart of. Not only is training phenomenal, but so are the people and the coaches. I can constantly tell how much Forza has helped me improve as a player and a person. The environment it always very professional, hardworking, fun and kind. I know that I will always have a home with the people at Forza. Everyone there is constantly motivating and helping you to improve. Coach David and Luis are two of the best coaches I have ever been blessed to have. They both have a love for the game and for every person who comes and trains with them. Personally Forza and coach David have helped me increase my skill level in every aspect of the game. He shows me things I have never been told or even though of and his training seasons are always innovative and highly effective. Forza means the world to me. I know that every time I am there I am improving and gaining life long friends, it is one of the most spectacular places to go and train.

-Rachel Hilliard

No coach has every come close to teaching me the way David does, or left me with the amount of knowledge and experience that being a part of the Forza family has. In every session listeners are rewarded with knowledge and tips in all aspects of the game. You will learn and see the mentally and skills that make up a wanted player and gain the confidence to dominate the pitch. Improve and add new technical elements and variations to your style of play. Not only will you learn what you need to work on, but more importantly how, with drills on learning the proper techniques in shooting, passing, curving, heading, cutting, and other often unaddressed skills. Over time and with repetition you will gain, not only individual skills, but also learn how to be a productive asset to the team, and develop a mix of confidence and knowledge that when your meet someone skilled you know when to KISS (Keep It Simple) it and/or how to embarrass him… respectfully.

Jakob Passernig
Philadelphia University

My family first heard about David's training when we lived in Corpus Christi, Texas. I expressed to my family when I was ten years old that I wanted to play college ball. The spring of my sophomore year, we started driving to Austin almost every weekend so I could train with David. We spent the entire following summer in Austin training with David. At the end of the summer, our family knew we had to make a decision about my training. After much thought, our family decided that for me to get the right kind of training so that I will continue to play at a higher level, we would need to move to the Austin area. I had never moved from my home, so this decision was hard. I had to leave friends I had known my whole life, in order to continue to follow my dream. I will never regret this move, I only wish we would have done it sooner!

I continued to train with David for the next two years. My level of play continued to become more and more competitive. I enjoyed watching the results of the training time spent with David. On National Signing day in February of 2009, I committed to play with Sam Houston State University. Because of hard work, determination and the hours I spent learning the game of soccer with David, I was able to choose this college, one of several who made scholarship offers. I am happy to say that I just completed my first college soccer season and it was a BLAST!!! I am loving it!!

Thank you DAVID for all of your help and kindness. I will forever be grateful.

Paige Rodriguez
Sam Houston State University

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