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From the first time I stepped foot on Forza grounds, I knew that it was going to be a promising experience. David Dinh's training is refreshingly different, while always having an intense practice, he is still able to create an inviting and extremely fun atmosphere. David's training has improved not only my foot skills, but mentally I feel more focused and determined than ever.

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Carmela Doerr
Academy of Art Univeristy
91 STYSA ODP (Alternate)
91 Lonestar Red (Premier)

I’ve been training at Forza with David Dinh for a little over a year now, and It has been quite the experience. Hard work, the right attitude, amazing coaching and a perfect environment have been just the ticket to help me reach my dreams. A year ago at this time I was in the 91 Girls ODP Regional Pool. As of now, I’m in the 91 Girls ODP National Pool.

Going into Forza everyday I see kids eager to learn, and ready to apply themselves. There are also smiles everywhere; everyone manages to still have fun during a tough session with David. David Dinh and the other coaches at Forza are all some of the best coaches I have come across in 9 years of playing soccer. David is not only a great coach, but a very special, great person. He has the ability to be a great coach, and a friend to kids of all ages.

Forza has everything to create perfect soccer learning environment. Even if a kid is looking for somewhere to have a good time and make friends, Forza is just the place. I plan on continuing to train with David, developing more skills and knowledge in soccer.

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Nora Skelton
Texas A&M
U-16 Women National Team
US National Pool
Region III ODP Team
State ODP Team
91 Lonestar Red (Premier)

Forza is unlike any other training environment you will find. Through the ten or so years I have played soccer I've been at a lot of camps, and had a number of coaches work with me to help me improve. David and the environment he provides at Forza is by far the most upbeat.

What I found the most surprising about Forza when I first went was that everyone had these amazing attitudes about soccer. The kids constantly wanted to go out on the field and improve. I was just shocked at how they could go day after day, month after month waking up early and giving up weekends just to play soccer when they already got so much of it through club. But then I realized that David's attitude and love for the game is what made Forza and the kids who train there so different. At Forza training is no longer a pain. Somehow, even during the harder sessions, I ended up having fun.

My skills have improved drastically. I am so much more comfortable on the ball and I'm not afraid of being in a difficult situation while playing, because I know I can get myself out of it. David sees potential in all of us.

Some of us have to work harder then others. My first tennis ball session was terrible. I was one of the oldest, but I'm pretty sure I was worse then everyone at it. I didn't give up though. I went home that night, grabbed a tennis ball, and bounced it with the soles of my feet until I could finally do at least thirty in a row. Normally I would have never done that. I would have just given up. But I guess I came home that day from Forza with a new attitude. I have yet to meet someone who has come to Forza and not left with a better attitude or more confidence.

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Lindsay Euers
Trinity University
South Texas ODP
Lonestar 91 (Premier)

When I first came to train with David, I was pretty burnt out on soccer. That was all my life was and I was not sure if I wanted to add any more of it to my already soccer-packed schedule. After one session with David, my whole perspective had changed. I couldn't get enough soccer! I wanted to sign up for sessions any moment I had free, when I was not there I was thinking about all the things he had taught me and how I could put them into my game. I remember how nervous I was before my first session. I watched his students performing these incredible moves with such ease that I was sure I would never be able to do. As soon as I set foot on his field, David treated me like we had known each other forever. He had such confidence in me that I strived to prove that I was worthy to be on one of his teams. After only a couple months of training with David, my soccer has reached heights that I never would have dreamed possible. Not only has my playing improved, but my passion for the game has never been stronger. Without David, I never would have made it this far and had the determination to go farther. David reminded me of the reason I play soccer and why I love it so much. Without David, soccer would not be the same."

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Lauren Peterson
Southern Methodist University
South Texas ODP
91 AU Caps Navy

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