Development Before Results!

[Emma Mele Testimonial]

Forza is a special place and David Dinh is a special coach. Great coaches can be a rare find but he is one of them. Besides being very knowledgeable in the game of soccer and being good at training players etc, David cares about his players beyond the field. He encourages us to do well in school and gets on us if he finds out our grades aren’t what they should be. His criticisms are straight up and say what needs to be said without being unnecessarily harsh. I believe he is a great interpreter of people and has the finesse needed to deal with children of all ages. The atmosphere at Forza is competitive but not hostile, nurturing but not soft and a balance of serious fun. Each person, especially in the ODP sessions, is there because they want to be, are hard workers and are fully invested in their soccer education. David doesn’t stand for anything less and doesn’t invite anything less to sessions. He runs sessions that allow players of varying skill to train together in a way that helps the less developed players be pushed and reap the benefits of training with more skilled players but doesn’t hold the more exceptional players back and while pushing them to be better than they currently are. I have trained with David for six years and can honestly say that I would not be the player I am without him. Now starting my sophomore year of college, looking back the only thing I would change is training with him more. What is different about David’s training is that it is more precise, serious, professional, intellectual and simply better than anywhere else I know of. I plan to continue training with David throughout my career as a college athlete, I believe in his philosophy and strongly urge anyone who is serious about his or her soccer education to train with him.

Emma Mele
Age 19
Plays for Louisiana Tech

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 !
! $
( !
  %!!*
!% !%!

[Miranda Reyna Testimonial]

My life changed when I started coming to Forza in 2013. Coach David has helped shape not only the soccer player I am today but also the person I am. I was so nervous when I first walked into my first training session at Forza. The drills were so complex and intense, working so many different aspects of the game all at once. My first session with you was with all senior players, and we were trapping weight balls with our chest and volleying them back to our partner. I remember Max Fuentes was my partner and I kept getting frustrated and embarrassed because I couldn’t do the drill right like him and everyone else. However, you continued to push me at the same difficulty as everyone else, to see how I would handle the situation and to see if I would give up. You always knew how to push me just enough, to make me work harder and to yell not out of anger but in motivation to get the job done. I used to think tennis ball bouncing was one of the hardest drills in the world, but you would tell us not to get mad because it wouldn’t help us get better at it. Now, after countless sessions of tennis ball tapping, I have come to appreciate the effect that that tiny tennis ball brings to the game of soccer. Quickening my feet and improving my touch, I had no idea that those types of drills could improve my technique as a player.  Today, I look forward to every training session at Forza, even when it means waking up at 5:30AM on a school day or summer vacation. I’m excited to see my friends and to learn new drills and skills to improve myself as a player.  Coach David is the best coach I have ever had the honor to train under. His passion for the game and dedication to his players is unlike any other coach I have seen. He treats all his players like family and works hard to see them all succeed. Not only has David has taught me skills to improve as a soccer player but he has also taught me to be respectful, disciplined, and give back to others. Like others I’m sure, I have learned the hard way about complaining about uneven teams, leaning on the walls, or having an untucked jersey. I’ve learned to do crunches even if I’m on the winning team because at Forza we will not let our teammates get better while we just watch them!!! I have developed so many new friendships because of Forza, even with all the little mucnhkins! It’s my second home and family that I love spending my summers, holidays, and free time with. It’s a family I know I will have forever.


I trained with David from the age of nine until I was twenty one years old. David has a passion/desire/hunger/thirst to assist players in reaching their full potential when it comes to foot skills. I can say with 100% confidence that I would not have played collegiate soccer for a school in the SEC if it wasn't for David. His attitude and intensity is contagious. David challenged me physically as well as mentally on the field. I believe I am not as naturally physically fit as everyone thinks. I become fit quickly because I give absolutely every ounce of energy in my body every time I train. I honestly don't know how to work out any differently because that is how David taught me to push myself. I cannot think of a single fitness session that I was not seeing spots and slightly stumbling when I would walk to the car to leave. It's not about how long you train, but about how hard you push yourself. If you're mentally tough, your body will exceed what you thought were your body's limits. I learned this because I was one of David's students. He loves all dimensions of the game but also genuinely cares about his students. He has been a tremendous blessing to my whole family. Jesus knew I needed David to get the place I am now. I owe David more than I can give him, but I will always be a supporter and member of the Forza family. I plan to help out Forza in the future in whatever way I am able.

Jessica (Rightmer) Burford B.S.
Doctor of Audiology Student
Auburn University

My time with Coach Dave was brief but well worth it. Even though I was only at Forza for three weeks it felt like I gained three years of experience and knowledge to my game. From the first day I arrived in Austin I was greeted by his awesome wife and kids who welcomed me to the state and telling me to be ready for what Dave has to offer. When I got to Forza (not to put it down in any way) but comparing it where I was training at IMG, it was like a hole in the wall. Even though it was like a hole in the wall there was a vibe about it that brought me comfort and reassurance that I was at the right place.

When I started my training with the tennis balls, Coach Dave put me with the younger boys and girls, who when I saw do the tennis ball made me feel like a little kid. However he did that to me for a purpose, the purpose was to test whether or not I was mentally disciplined enough to be put with kids who were younger and better then me at a certain exercise. See that's one thing about Coach Dave that I truly admire about him, he does not allow kids with big egos into the facility and if he does he will break them down, to teach them to always be humbled and have an open mind to be able to grow into their potential.

The training was hard and tough clocking 60 hours a week of pure soccer technique is a physical test as well as mental test. Like I said before with the three weeks that I was there it was probably the most productive three weeks I have done in 3 years. I truly recommend this training to anyone who wants to elevate his or her game. Don't feel sad or mad at yourself if at first you can't do the training, just be patient with yourself and your development and you will live out to your potential.

Chance Sztanyo
Ohio Dominican University

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