Development Before Results!

My time with Coach Dave was brief but well worth it. Even though I was only at Forza for three weeks it felt like I gained three years of experience and knowledge to my game. From the first day I arrived in Austin I was greeted by his awesome wife and kids who welcomed me to the state and telling me to be ready for what Dave has to offer. When I got to Forza (not to put it down in any way) but comparing it where I was training at IMG, it was like a hole in the wall. Even though it was like a hole in the wall there was a vibe about it that brought me comfort and reassurance that I was at the right place.

When I started my training with the tennis balls, Coach Dave put me with the younger boys and girls, who when I saw do the tennis ball made me feel like a little kid. However he did that to me for a purpose, the purpose was to test whether or not I was mentally disciplined enough to be put with kids who were younger and better then me at a certain exercise. See that's one thing about Coach Dave that I truly admire about him, he does not allow kids with big egos into the facility and if he does he will break them down, to teach them to always be humbled and have an open mind to be able to grow into their potential.

The training was hard and tough clocking 60 hours a week of pure soccer technique is a physical test as well as mental test. Like I said before with the three weeks that I was there it was probably the most productive three weeks I have done in 3 years. I truly recommend this training to anyone who wants to elevate his or her game. Don't feel sad or mad at yourself if at first you can't do the training, just be patient with yourself and your development and you will live out to your potential.

Chance Sztanyo
Ohio Dominican University

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