Development Before Results!

It is my privilege to write this testimonial letter based on my honest experience with Forza Campiones’ technical training program. David Dinh (Forza Campiones Director) is the best technical trainer I’ve ever met, without a doubt. I do not say this lightly, I’ve had an amazing experience with this program. More importantly, my son has flourished in school and in his home life with David’s mentorship.

 As a parent, my main objective is to help my child become a respectful, self-reliant, educated, and honorable adult. This is something that is easy to want for your child, but not so easy to accomplish. As a parent, I want to have a mentor that provides the expectation of excellence and help develop my child's self-discipline. Before my son was a part of the training program he struggled in school and was falling further behind. As I saw my son struggle, I had to find a way to help him.  As I was reuating additional options, I remembered how impressed I was when my son attended some training camps at Forza over the previous 3 summers. David has an uncanny ability to develop a vision that helps get his students focused and excited about the hard work they have to put into anything they want to, or need to achieve. We sat down with David and worked out a plan for technical development, which required my son to have all A’s in school. Even though Forza Campiones has developed my son’s skills to an advanced level, they have helped my son develop his ability to focus and work hard in school. David’s program never shows signs of complacency. On the contrary, it’s constantly reinforcing self-discipline, being respectful, being honorable and most importantly the value of working hard to get good grades. David does not allow any of his players to make excuses, simply own up to it and work the solution. Instead, he uses his influence and laser-like focus on what’s best for the player’s development. David wants these players to stand out as students and as players, because this will help them succeed in life. Realistically most athletes must prepare for careers that may not include being a professional soccer player, so these important skills will benefit the players for whatever profession they work towards. I am confident in advising any parent to choose Forza Campiones as a program because trainers like David will help their child become the best they can be.

Like many former amateur soccer players, I have gotten involved with youth soccer coaching while introducing my child to a sport I love. I have been coaching youth soccer now for the last 7 years and have had plenty of time to develop a sense of what good training should look like. I’ve noticed that true development programs are rare. I chased other training programs from well-known local soccer clubs, in order to find that program that worked on age appropriate skill refinement. What I saw were clubs that emphasized more on mere recruiting, not based on the child's enthusiasm and willingness to work on a sport they love.  Forza Campiones will allow any child eager to work hard and that is willing to put school before soccer. Forza Campiones has a strong track record of real technical development of players at all skill levels. I truly credit David with having implemented the best training techniques I’ve seen and am very happy to have my son trained at Forza Campiones. I commend David for providing parents with an opportunity to provide their child a positive experience in an impressive program.

I write this letter with whole hearted sincerity and gratitude to David Dinh, a true force of positive change for youth development and future champions.

Óscar Zamarrón

My name is Laura Juarez and I am the parent of two children that attend Forza Campiones. I am writing this letter as a testimony of our experience so far. We have been at Forza for almost 4 years now. It has generally been the best 4 years of our lives.

We started our first child Isabella in recreational soccer and once we realized her sincere interest in the sport, we moved to club soccer. It was very expensive and because I was attending college, very difficult to pay for. We sacrificed and managed the monthly payments because the staff at the club convinced us that it would be well worth the cost and much knowledge would be gained. It was repeatedly stated that this is where we needed to start in order for her to play college level later on. She put all of her effort into learning; however because of staff changes within the club, we noticed that we were not getting the quality of coaching compared to what we were paying for. Tryouts would come around and players could not advance because the coaches needed “stacked teams” for the next winning season. Within the next few years, we ended up switching clubs several more times. It was the same issues, very high costs, staff changes, teams falling apart, different styles of coaching, and lack of support for the players. Through all of this, our “breath of fresh air” has been Forza. It has been something that we look forward to every week. The quality of David Dinh’s coaching is impeccable. He takes time to show his students the right way focusing on the smallest of details. His passion for the game drives those around him and he is motivating as he understands what families are going through with their club soccer experience. He is at times firm and teaches integrity and respect, however on the flip-side is very caring and supportive. My daughter received an injury last year which caused her to be out for 5 months. Through this time, she was suffering from depression. Her injury continued to get worse and medicine was causing other negative side effects. During this time, David had offered her some very positive messages which kept her inspired. When she finally began to play again, she was not at the level that she had been. He did not pity her, yet encouraged her to work hard. He continuously sets the bar high for our players and expects nothing but the best and 110%. We still feel the frustration with club soccer but feel like there is nothing better. We are so very thankful for Forza and what they offer. My son is just beginning soccer, and we are confident that he is getting a good start being at Forza.

We look forward to continuing with Forza and the future that it brings. For families like us who have had bad experiences with club soccer, poor coaching, wasted money, and overall negative impacts on our children, Forza brings hope to us.

Laura Juarez

I, Rene Rangel and Virginia Rangel, want tell to whomever it may concern our experience with David Dinh & Forza. For us as parents it has been an excellent experience, we absolutely love our experience with him as a coach, person, and supporter. We can always count on him for advice, and the better being of our child's soccer career. The way he manages his club and is able to help our kids understand the discipline and the dedication that is being put into them. Personally for us he is very well educated in the things he recommends for the kids and advice he gives them.


Rene Rangel, & Family
Parents of Javier Rangel,  AKA  "Neymar"
Future Mexico or US National Mens Team

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