Development Before Results!

My name is Anain Gomez.  I am the parent of Uriel and Noriel Gomez.  They have been going toForza for the past two years.  The experience that I had when I went for the first time to Forza was an amazing one.  It is by far the best practices that my kids have had.  I noticed that the way they are taught was unique and also very affective.  The expectations are set high from the moment you walk in.  All players must be ready to practice and to do their best.  The drills that the players do are the same as those that many professional soccer teams do.  Which helps the players develop their minds the same as a Professional player.

My kids before going to Forza were unable to juggle a soccer ball. But every since they have gone to Forza practices, I have seen a huge improvement in my sons' skills.  They have also improved in their movements and positioning in the field.  The way they are taught is easy for them to understand rather than becoming complicated to learn.  In Forza they are taught better than any other club that I have ever been to.  The coaches are Forza are always willing to help develop all players regardless of their skills and knowledge.  They will help out until the player's goals are met.  Forza is by far the best place for all kids to go and learn how to play due to David's dedication and effort to help everyone be successful.


Anain Gomez, Father of Noriel & Uriel Gomez,  2004
Future National Team Candidate
Future PRO candidate

I want to give a testimony of my experience as a parent in "Forza Campiones." My name is Francisco Castro.   I am the father of  Lilu Castro, 16 years old, who attends the 11th grade in school Travis High School in San Antonio, TX. and Franky  J. Castro, 12 years old, attending  6th grade at KIPP Aspire San Antonio, TX.  I am also a soccer Coach all of my life.  I am the owner and director of Twister Futbol Club in San Antonio.

I have seen a huge change in the transformation of my son's soccer technical aspect.  Experiences with Forza has helped both Lily and Frankie a lot to be different in the field with the great help of Coach David Dinh.  Coach Dinh is very strict and discipline soccer Coach.  Besides being a guide in every sense of the word providing all the best for his high performance players.   He teaches his students as a fatherly figure and demands the best of them when it is time to do it.  We have known Forza for 2 years now, but actively participating for 1 year.  We wish we could attend more often as time does not allow us.   Forza means a lot to us because it has made us more united as a family.   We really enjoyed what we do despite the physical burden of travel where we live, in San Antonio. I work night shift and having to deal with the illness of my wife, Lilia, mother of my children. The circle of environment that takes place in Forza is fantastic for all regardless of the economic and social background.  Forza environment and Forza student body is so diverse, everyone  lived as a family.    Thank you so much Coach David as you instill the concept of friendship for all of your students. The program at Forza are most real when it refers to Professional Standard, the curriculum taught and led by different Professional Clubs all over the World.

I have only words of thanks for Coach David Dinh.  From the first moment we met him, we admire and respect him.   He provide Forza training to underprivileged children in the area of ​​San Antonio and all over TX.  He has always supported my children and given them the opportunity to learn football at the International Level.  Lilu was chosen to take part with Forza team in International Competion in Holland last year.  Frankie was given an opportunity to compete with Forza teams this year in Holland and in PERU.  So much gratitude for all that you do and God always blessed us with our prayers for the health of my wife.   Through this difficult time of our family crisis, the opportunity that Coach David and Forza provides are a dream for my children in this beautiful game of soccer.  This helped our family so much to cope with Lilia's medical illness.  Coach David is a person dedicated to the study and teaching of futbol and always give more than you may need a player.  He motivates, encourages and above all believes in all of his students when are most vulnerable, doubtful, at their weakness or nostalgia.    "Forza Campiones" is a great leader in the soccer community and above all,  he is a great man who devoted his life to improving the lives of many children. Thanks David for everything you have done for the Castro family and may "Forza Campiones" continues its path to help many others in the future.

Francisco & Lilia Castro
Dad and Mom of Lilu and Frankie Castro

Martin and I, Esperanza Ontiveros, can say that we have known FORZA long enough to say it is a place where our two sons have learned self confidence, discipline, responsibility and most of all, self respect of each other and their peers.  Forza is a warm lively environment that welcomes anybody no matter what your social background may be.  It is an environment that transmits you the freedom to learn technical skills in improving to be a better soccer player to later apply it on a demanding level.

David is a very warm, caring and honest person. He is always willing to go out of his way to teach you the skills that are necessary for you to become a competitive individual.  In knowing David we van say that he is a person that injects motivation and positiveness to believe in yourself!!

He and his wife have helped my two sons in so many ways and we are grateful for it!!!!

Love, Martin and Esperanza Ontiveros
Parents of Martin and Omar Ontiveros,  Professional Players in Europe

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