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My daughter, Lillian Vandiver, started attending Forza Championes in June of 2015 per the recommendation of a teammate’s father. At the time, Lillian was 8 years old and was playing on the top “Junior Academy” team for the largest soccer club in Austin, TX.

Lillian was very physically fit for an 8-year-old, due to participating for several years as a competitive gymnast. My wife and I, both being competitive athletes in our youth, knew Lillian’s success in soccer up to this point was more due to her athleticism and strength than her actual soccer skills. The reality was, she was stronger and faster than most of her competition, even when playing girls 1-2 years older which she had done since age 6. Knowing that Lillian really enjoyed soccer, and planned to continue soccer into the “select” level of competition, we knew that she had to develop the necessary skills for soccer to facilitate her competing at the highest levels. These skills, just were not being taught with the necessary focus and frequency by her club team.

Upon our first training session with coach David, we knew that Forza was different. Training was not 5 minutes of repetition with maybe 5-10 touches of the ball, a common experience during club practice and on to the next skill. Lillian’s first Forza training lasted for approximately 2.5 hours, and concluded with several thousand repetitions of a single, basic touching of a soccer ball. The key point was each touch had to be correct. One of the many lessons my daughter has learned from coach David is practice is worthless is not done correctly. This detail, even to an eight-yearold, is critical to building a successful athlete. Coach David ensured my daughter, along with the other players at the session, understood this point “don’t practice just to practice. Practice the correct technique. One realization my daughter came to after her first session with Coach David, was her basic soccer skills were lacking and she needed to get to work. One quality of my daughter, which she has had as long as I can remember, is she is serious about putting in the “work” to be good at something. After a 2.5-hour training session with Coach David, my daughter went into our back yard and began to juggle a soccer ball. What stood out to me, is that she would stop if she struck the ball incorrectly. Even if it cost her a “new record” for juggles. From that one session, Coach David had made a lifelong impression, you have to practice correctly. Lillian was not going to go back to coach David, unable to “correctly” juggle a soccer ball.

Fast forward about a year and half, and my daughter is playing her first season of “select” soccer. She is on a “Pre-ECNL” team which is supposed to be comprised of the best soccer players a club has to offer. Watching my daughter, she receives a ball with the correct foot, she passes the ball not only to the correct place on a soccer field but to the correct side of the player, she understands how to move without the ball to give teammates a passing lane, and countless more qualities essential to a successful soccer player. She looks and moves like a soccer player now. During a game, you can close your eyes and know Lillian is playing. She is constantly communicating to her teammates on where to be, where to pass, where pressure is coming from. She does this like it is her native language, soccer. Why, because Coach David demands communication from his training. It is not enough to pass a soccer ball. You have to know where the defenders are relative to the player you are passing to, where the player’s space is. A good pass is only part of the equation; verbal communication is the other piece.

Unfortunately, none of her teammates understand these concepts. Why? Most of them rely on the training from their soccer club only or from other local skills training facilities that do not exhibit the same focus on technical training as Forza. The end result is a soccer club that is unable to compete at a high level when playing outside of local competition.

Austin needs leadership and training, like Forza provides. As we travel around Austin and Texas playing soccer, we run across many Forza players. They are usually easy to spot, as they are the players leading the teams we watch and play. Forza players are also the most respectful soccer players I have seen. I enjoy the look on my daughter’s coach’s face when she thanks him for his time after every practice. Her teammates now do it after every practice, too. They don’t know why they are doing it, other than “Lillian does it, so I should do it too.” This is what leadership looks like. This is what Forza looks like.

Matthew Vandiver

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to write a letter of recommendation regarding Coach David Dinh and Forza.

Coach David has been my son’s trainer/coach at Forza since 2014. During this time, Coach David has exemplified strong leadership qualities by always encouraging the athletes to do their best, and helping them reach their highest potential.

The experience and enthusiasm that Coach David brings to his athletes has made him an exemplary coach and a role mode for my son, and many others. His dedication to his athletes is reflected not only in their performances on the pitch, but in their attitudes as well. My son’s skill set, and personal growth has greatly increased as a direct result of training with Coach David.

Coach David helps to make an athlete’s dreams come true because he BELIEVES in them. Through the Forza program, my son has been able to fulfill some of his soccer goals that most people can only dream of, by playing internationally in Germany, and was invited to play in the Netherlands. For us, this is just the beginning, and we look forward to watching our son continue to grow under the tutelage of Coach David through Forza for many more years to come.

It is without reservation that I give Coach David my highest recommendation. If you have any questions about Coach David or would like to talk in greater detail, I would be happy to do so, and can be reached at 512-619-2350.


Wardell Bellanger
Proud Parent of Forza Player Sebastian Bellanger (’06)

My wife  Laura and I are the proud grandparents of Isabella Hope Juarez and Ethan Luke Juarez. They have trained and been a part of David L. Dinh's Forza experience for 4 years.

In every instance when attending training sessions, matches, and meetings David has provided leadership, life expertise, and motivational strengths to parents, casual on lookers, and especially the children.  His overall attention to detail and on the spot correction to his clients is meaningful and effective.  Isabella and Ethan has personally experienced tremendous growth in  maturity, strength, and expertise in life and soccer as a result of interface with David and the Forza group.

I traveled to Holland in the summer of 2015 with a group of young ladies/ players and chaperones hand picked and assembled by David to train, interface, and play with that county's elite women teams.  From the start the trip was organized with a constant flow of emails, phone messages and data sheets informing all parties of changes, issues to address for travel and soothing, coaching, and calming the first time travelers to Europe. The execution of travel, group dinners, sightseeing and uation/feedback of individual and team performance, schedule of personal free time was a supportive blend meeting all the needs of the players and parents alike.  When faced with a six hour delay of scheduled aircraft, David thru his directed staff examined the situation calmly, consulted the connecting airlines, arranged alternate schedules, motels and other survival assets,  never in a panic and always keeping his charges informed.

He has developed a pride in his system, his staff and illustrates a commitment to all of the facets of our democratic society especially the children. He has pride in the United States of America and is one of its brightest citizens and entrepreneurs.

Joe Dougherty, LTC USA Ret and Laura Dougherty

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