Development Before Results!

Very rarely do we feel strongly enough about a product or service, that we feel compelled to write a testimonial about the benefits derived, but in the case of David and FORZA I must say that this is the rare exception.

Our family has 4 daughters that all started playing soccer before they were four years old.  Soccer is a way of life for our family and we have enjoyed every minute of the journey.  We have lived and played in 3 different states during our girls’ soccer careers and have seen just about everything this sport has to offer at the youth level.  Clubs, overnight camps, day camps, private training, small group training, and the list goes on.  We have always tried to avail our kids of every possible opportunity to play the game, improve their skills, and expand their love for the game.

The youngest of our 4 girls could not get enough soccer.  She went to club training including extra sessions, worked by herself in the yard, and organized pick-up games in the neighborhood just to get as many touches as she could.  All of this could not quench her desire to improve her skills and we knew she needed more.  The first night we took her to FORZA and she had a meeting with David to discuss her ambitions, we knew immediately that we found the right place for her!

From that first night, our daughter felt like a part of the FORZA family and has grown exponentially as a player and a person.  The technical teaching and learning that takes place at FORZA is something that we have never seen anywhere else in all of our years in this sport.

David holds himself to the highest possible standards as a trainer, and as a result, expects and receives the highest possible effort from the players he trains.  He teaches more than just soccer, he teaches self-discipline and respect for the game and other players.  The sessions with David are more than just additional touches on the ball, they are lessons about being the best you can be on and off the field.

The fact that the FORZA community is made up of other like-minded families and players only enhances and enriches the experiences for the players.  They are challenged and pushed in ways that most youth soccer players do not have the opportunity to experience.  Training with excellent players, under the direction of an outstanding mentor is a recipe for success.

We are thrilled that our family is a part of FORZA!  The decision to train with David is easily the best move we have made in all of our years in soccer.


Rick and Courtney Mayock

Our daughter has been with David for a year and a half now. She has been enrolled in classes regularly and has attended several camps as well. She has also had the wonderful opportunity to play for David in Holland two summers in a row.

We have seen tremendous improvements in her footwork, game play and confidence. She has gone from playing S2 level soccer when she started with Forza to now being on a Champions League team and I absolutely attribute this to David's training. We have been to several private and group training facilities and none of them match the level of skill and quality as Forza. 

It is challenging and David has high expectations from the kids but he is always able to make them push themselves to become better with each skill. I love that he takes a skill and breaks it down into several parts making sure they learn the correct technique and why it is important. I am always amazed at how he will teach a skill that the kids will struggle with and think "they can't do that" but by the end of the session they are consistently able to demonstrate the new skill.

The other thing that I am impressed with David and Forza is how he is able to mingle different ages and still challenge all of the students. This is not an easy task, but I like the relationships that it creates between the older children as mentors and the younger children that strive to be as skilled as the senior players. 

The Europe trips have been unbelievable opportunities to play a level of soccer that our daughter hadn't played before. David gave her the confidence and the guidance she needed to be a successful contributor to her team and she has developed strong friendships within the game of soccer with girls that are her age and older girls that are a great example for her. To be able to play a high level of soccer in state of the art facilities was incredible. 

I would highly recommend Forza and Coach David to anyone wanting to bring their game to the next level. My daughter wants to play college soccer and I believe that Forza will allow her to accomplish her goal.

Kami Cargile

Our family has known David Dinh for over a decade. In that time, we have sent two of our children to him. Each child had different needs---in terms of physical and social development. David’s instruction and relationship with each of them was tailored uniquely to meet their needs---and we couldn’t have been happier with the results!

Our son was the first one to go to Forza. I remember calling my husband and explaining that there must be some mistake---as the first training involved tennis balls and agility training. We sat down with David that first night and he explained (with amazing accuracy) what our son’s strengths and weaknesses were---and what we needed to do to make sure he became the best player that he could be. I watched with wonder as David’s unique drills and training developed my then eight-year-old into a first rate technical player---who loved the game.  More importantly, I watched as David taught my impulsive, reactive son into a child who learned that sportsmanship was a central part of being on a team. We trained with David for years and then drifted away as our son fell into the goalie position. That changed at the beginning of high school when our son grew weary of the goal and decided to try out as a field player on the high school team. David graciously took our then rusty son under wing. By the time tryouts came for high school, our freshman son secured a JVA spot as a field player! Without David’s training, that would have never happened. When, several years later, our Regional Premier (club) team had a goalie surplus and was short field players, our son had the opportunity to play on the field again---and was quite capable due to the technical and tactical training from David. Our son is now playing DII soccer in college. Thanks to David’s training, he is as fluid out of the box as he is in it. A coach from an important club in town once told us that goalkeepers at the high school age could never play the field at a competitive level. That coach must not have known the power of a trainer like David Dinh. Forza training is top notch---even for goalies!

Our daughter, unlike our son, was lacking self-confidence. She was a perfectionist and did not like being challenged by things that she could not master quickly. She was intimidated by the older players and was not sure if she could train with them. David saw her hesitation and was quick to provide encouragement and support. She is now eager to try moves that are introduced at Forza or found on the internet. She has begun to blossom into a confident young woman who looks forward to her leadership role in Forza---and is encouraging young players who need the nurturing that she once did. David continues to challenge her and encourage her at the same time. I have begun hearing (constantly) that David says this and David says that. I marveled how the things that I told her rarely carried much weight---until David said the same things! Grades, leadership, character, and other things that I valued were being drilled into her head by someone who had her ear. So much more than soccer goes on inside of Forza. It is a family that supports and nourishes so much more than technical, tactical, and fitness abilities of players. We recently sent our daughter to Holland with David and the Forza family. She was able to see all of the possibilities that might one day await her. More importantly, she has the self-confidence to travel without us and experience so much more of the game she loves---with a Forza family that loves it just as much.

If you are considering David Dinh, realize that his training will not just change your child’s game. Once your child is part of the Forza family, you might just get a different child back. David is passionate about the game and passionate about kids. He will be demanding but your child will learn about having a good work ethic---on the field and off of the field. There are many ways for you to spend your money and your time but this is one that will change more than just the way your child plays soccer.

Looking forward to meeting you as part of the Forza family,

Kathy Melton

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