Development Before Results!

I have been attending Forza for 6 years. I have enjoyed every moment spent with the Forza Family. My technical ability on the ball, my speed, strength, and confident mentality on the field is all thanks to David and the rest of the Forza family. I did not realize how many skills were needed in the game of soccer such as learning to fall, juggling the tennis ball, etc. However learning these skills made me better than my opponent and I owe this all to Forza. Each session challenged me and pushed me outside my comfort zone, but I always wanted to come back and learn more. I would train for hours at a time and never wanted to go home.  I could feel myself getting better each day and it was evident on the pitch. The players around me always helped me when I needed help and made me a better player as well. Kids as young as 7 year olds would teach me new things and vice versa. Not only did David teach me skills I never thought I could do, but he also provided ample opportunities for me whether that be at the IMG tournament in Florida or as far as Holland. I committed to play college soccer at St. Edwards University, a dream that was attainable thanks to the help of Forza. David not only see’s us as players, but as real people.  He pushes us to find success in the sport, but also teaches the importance of doing well in school, at home, and in life. David’s passion for coaching the next generation is evident during every training session. I am eternally grateful that David took me under his wing. I am proud to be a part of the Forza family.

Elianna Chavez
St. Edwards University  2017

Javier Rangel, I as a player the experience with Forza & Coach David has been the best. He teaches us things as why they are important and taught me as a player and person to have discipline, respect, passion, and dedication    I would Like To Thank Coach David, For Everything  he has done.

Sincerely ,

Javier Rangel,  AKA  "Neymar"
Future Mexico or US National Mens Team

My name is Uriel Gomez and I have practiced with David at Forza for about a year and a half.  The first time I went to practice I noticed that the training environment was different.  I noticed that it was more strict and challenging.  I knew that it was going to be good to go to Forza because of the way he would be very strict.

He also noticed all of my weaknesses that no other coach had said anything about it.  All the practices are very effective and help you be more successful.  Forza is by far the best soccer training place I have ever been to.  Before I went to Forza, I could not do things that I can do now, even though I have only been going to Forza for a year and a half.  Over the past year and a half, I noticed that I have made lots of improvements in thing that I could not do before.  The first time I went to Forza, I noticed that the training was very unique.  The goals for you to accomplish are very high and you must work to accomplish them.  All the practices are very high knowledge and prepare you for a better and more successful life.  David and his staff are always ready to help you to be more successful in everything that you do.

Uriel Gomez,  2004
Future National Team Candidate
Future PRO candidate

My name is Noriel Gomez.  I have practiced with David for the past two years.  Since the first day I arrived, I noticed that the expectations were very different from any other place I have been to.  I was really impressed by the way we practice.  Over time, I noticed the drills were effective because it had a purpose.  Personally I have improved in my technical skills as well as developing into the player that I am overtime.  Forza is by far the best soccer environment I have been to.

At Forza, everyone is helping each other as it was family.  I like how we have to do drills that are not done by any soccer equipment, however it is very effective.  Forza training grounds are unique compared to any other places I have trained at before.  Forza is the place for players development in many effective, unique ways.


Noriel Gomez,  2004
Future National Team Candidate
Future PRO candidate

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