Development Before Results!

I have been with Forza for a good half of my soccer career. I personally feel that there is no better place to get the technical aspects necessary to be able to be a great footballer. Forza not only teaches the techniques but also the mindset of a professional. At Forza you are not just a number, but an actual player that the coaches and players respect and welcome with open arms. Forza has given me ( and many other kids) the opportunity to get far in a soccer career, professional or college level. In conclusion Forza is not just a training facility but a family that enjoys the company of every person that walks through the door.

Campbell Martinez
15 years old

I have trained with David for the past five years. I am certain that there is no better place to learn the game of soccer. David is the best technical trainer I have ever met, he has a ridiculous wealth of knowledge about the game and has mastered the art of teaching players of all ages. David’s passion for the game carries over to the players. He is not just a trainer but also a mentor, setting expectations that his players work hard in school and all aspects of their life. He instills in his players respect for all people and teaches them invaluable life skills such as how to carry oneself in professional situations.

The training you get from David cannot be found anywhere else. I have grown so much more as a player training with him than I could have in any other environment. I am so much more comfortable with the ball at my feet and have the confidence that I can make the ball do what I want. I find it hard to explain to someone what specifically is different about David’s training, however it is more precise, serious, fun, and professional, intellectual and simply better than anywhere else I know of. I plan to continue training with David throughout my career as a college athlete and hopefully even longer after that.

After observing and being a part of many of David’s sessions you can go to any soccer field in town and just by watching teams play pick out which players train with David. It is in the way they carry themselves on and off the field, the control with which they handle the ball and in the little things that only David teaches which make up the next level player.

Thank you David for all you have done for me:)

Emma Mele
Committed to Louisiana Tech
Austin Texans 97G

Coach David is an exceptional trainer and friend. He has helped me grow as a player, and has inspired me in various ways to achieve my goals in life as well as in soccer. Any training done by Coach David is special, complex, and has purpose. He helps kids develop skills, technical ability, as well as a work ethic. My attitude and enthusiasm inspired by his coaching is incomparable to any other coach I've had. The amount of devotion and care Coach David provides to each of his students is unreal. He cares about my soccer career as much as I do, if not more. The opportunities provided by his program are as unmatched as his training. I thank David for all he has done for me.

Joshua Drake
98 TSC Hurricanes
Tulsa, OK

On the field, Coach David is a perfectionist for his students. On or off the field, you want to be around him. His training is very hard but it will get you far in your career. Coach David uses many different methods to train his students from volleying to diving headers to working with a tennis ball. Some of Coach David's students have gone on to play in the MLS. I would like to thank Coach David for helping me take my soccer play to a whole new level. He also taught me how to drink double caramel mocha frappuccinos!

Ben Drake
98 TSC Hurricanes
Tulsa, OK

I know I have only been with you for a little over a year, but I think you are a SUPER good Coach. You have really helped me improve in soccer, mostly on my technical skills and definitely on being more aggressive, which had really holding me back. I like how you train us because you don’t just train us all together, but you help us individually, which is not something that I get as much at the Club environment.

I think that having all of us train with people younger and older people helps, especially because in just this last season, I had to play against girls 1-2 years older than us. This is probably going to happen again next year. It has been really fun practicing with you and I hope I get to learn much, much more over the next few years.

Hanna Sanderson
12 years old, DI

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