Development Before Results!

David Dinh is one of the few coaches that can teach in an environment that is ironically very tough but also fun and laid back. That is a rare achievement that only coaches that have earned the trust of his students can have. Not only does David teach many tricks, he can do them himself and he knows what he's doing from experience. Over the years of on and off training with him, I could definitely tell that my overall playing improved after I attended his sessions. Even better, my confidence improved on the field as well. David has taught me key aspects of the game in areas that I've never been properly exposed to.

And with this knowledge comes a passion that is contagious. In the Forza facility, you can feel that enthusiastic presence and it seems to affect everyone. Every practice is a surprise, and there seems to be no limit in how he can drive you to become a better player. But David's passion doesn't just stop at coaching the player on the field; it reaches out to the student, friend, and kid inside each player as well. David has never lied to me, and I trust him because I know he honestly wishes for the best.

Thanks David.

Hyejee Bae
14 years old
98 Lonestar ECNL

Training at Forza is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I’ve been playing soccer since I was 4 years old and thought I learned everything until my first day training with David. David showed me so many new techniques I had never seen before and made it so fun to want to learn and get better. Every kid who trains at Forza has fun and wants to improve their skills. I ask everyday if I could go train at Forza and when I’m there I want to stay until David turns off the lights and goes home.

In the time I’ve been training at Forza with David my skills and attitude about playing the game have gone to a different level. I am so much more comfortable and confident with the ball at my feet and it’s all because of the time David spends with his students to make them better.

This past year I got really hurt and was not able to play games for 4 months. I was really scared about my injury and thought about how I would handle not playing the game I love so much. David was there for me every step of the way. He was there at the hospital the night of my injury, he was there at my house when I was recovering, he made sure I had the support of the entire Forza family, and he was there everyday when we worked together on getting me back to playing. David put together a plan for me and we worked so hard together! Because of David I came back to playing soccer stronger than I was before my injury.

When you come to train with David you will see that David is not just an amazing soccer trainer. He’s also an amazing person and teacher.

David has made me better is so many different ways and that is why I love coming to Forza to train with David everyday!

Thank you David!

Jack Imperato
Future PRO

I have been coming to David's since the age of 8. Since then, I have improved so much as a soccer player. When I came to him I was like any other soccer, except the fact that I had the desire and passion of the game to get better. David will teach you everything you need to know from the soccer stand point, but as he always says, "I cannot teach you to have passion. That comes from the heart." This quote applies to more than just the game of soccer, but to life in general. In anything you want to be in life, you need to have the passion and desire in order to reach that goal, and that's what David has taught me.

Every day at David's I improve on my game, whether it be touching up on it or learning a whole new topic. Because of David I'm a very technically sound player. This is because I get more touches on the ball from one training session at David's than I do with a whole weeks training from club. Each training session is something I've never done before, something challenging but also exciting and fun. I'm always excited every day I get to train with him because I know it's going to be fun and I'm going to learn something new.

I love Forza so much and David even more. There's no telling how far you'll go with David's training, but you'll never know unless you come and try it out.

Thank you so much for everything David! You are awesome!

Joshua Garcia
15 years old
Region III player

David's training is different than any training that I have done before. It is a real challenge and I learn something new every day. I have progressed and learned so much since I started going to David’s training. I have improved in everything in soccer because he does not just teach you about two or three things, he teaches you about everything in soccer. At Forza training you have to work very hard every day and sometimes it might be stressful but it all pays back later. I have so much fun at David's and learn so much. David is very fun and a pleasant coach. That's why I love playing at Forza Campiones.

Kenzie Arrington
10 years old
Dallas Texans

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