Development Before Results!

In the one month that I have been training with Coach David, I can strongly say that I have learned something new every practice that I have gone to. For example: The very first session that I attended, we learned how to shoot side volleys. Having played the sport of soccer for 9 years, I thought that I had the skill down. I quickly, learned that I was wrong. David Dinh taught me a whole new technique provided more power and precision. In the second session I attended, David taught me a whole technique in heading the ball that was sure to pay off in the future. In the third session, David corrected me on where my planted foot should have been when I passed the ball, something that should have been fixed when I was 7 years old.

The environment that David’s facility offers is great. There is always someone smiling and the building is always clean and organized. David as a trainer and a person is a great guy. As a trainer, he is obsessed with helping you reach your soccer goal and as a person is never afraid to crack a few jokes.

I love you David,

Mckinze Gaines
13 years old
Lonestar SC Pre Academy
US National Pool Candidate

I have only been training with David for a little while, but from that whole time that I have been I have learned more from him than any of the clubs and coaches I have been with. All the drills taht we do are hard but they hel you out a lot. I have seen a lot of improvement on my control during my games from the little time that I have been there. The first time that Chepo took me to a session I was amazed at what the little kids were doing. I didn’t know that kids could be doing these drills so young. I also couldn’t believe that they could do all this with tennis balls also. I have only done it once with the tennis balls and I did horrible, but the kids and Chepo do it like it’s nothing because they are already used to it. David is the best trainer. He explains everything in a way to easily understand it also explains what the drill will help you on during a game. I wish I had started training with David when I was younger but I recommend anyone that wants to take soccer to another level to start training with David because he is the person that can help you with the things you need to work on. Thank you David for everything you have done and all the help!

Walter Guzman
19 years old
Millenium Adult League

Prior to moving to New Mexico, I lived in Laredo, Texas for about a year. My coach in Laredo (Efrain Galindo/Liberty Soccer Club) recommended I train with David Dinh when given the opportunity. I got the opportunity to train with David in July 08 for about a week, ''WOW'' WHAT AN EYE OPENER!!! My first tennis ball session was a disaster. I had never seen or heard that type of drill before. After my training sessions with David, I would return to my motel room and practice with my tennis ball on the kitchen floor tile. Thanks to David's motivation skills I was able to bounce and control the tennis ball easy. I had the opportunity to sit and talk with David after some afternoon training sessions. I was amazed about how determined he is to make you a better soccer player. On a long day when I just feel like lying around the house not doing anything, I could hear David's voice telling me "THAT'S UNACCEPTABLE". Therefore I get motivated and practice hard with my tennis or soccer ball. I want to take this opportunity to thank Forza Campiones, Julian (At Cedar Park), and Brooke Hepfer for making me feel part of the Forza family. Special thanks to David Dinh for taking the time to work with me and help me become the soccer player I am today.

Adela Trevino
96 New Mexico ODP
13 years old
Rush Soccer Club
Alamogordo, New Mexico

My name is Jacob and I have been at Forza for about two and a half months. Although it may seem like a short time, going to Forza has made me better in so many ways. We work on our foot and agility skills here. The things we do are challenging, but they are fun and very rewarding. We also do a lot of different kinds of training. If you want a challenge I would recommend Forza because here you definitely learn a lot.

Jacob Yarnell
9 years old

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