Development Before Results!

HI! My name is Jorge Israel Hernandez and I have been a Forza player since 2014, when I first walked into Forza I noticed something different, that it wasn’t just a technical school it was a family! Even though it’s a 2 hour drive or even sometimes 3 it is worth it, because every time I go to Forza I learn something new from coach David, What I like more about him is the passion he has for the game. He teaches us to be mentally and physically strong not just in soccer but in life and pushes us reach our goals. For example one of my short term goals was to be selected in the SAFC Pro Academy and with everything Coach David has taught me I got selected, I just wanted you to know that I am proud to be a part of the Forza Family. Thank you coach David!! I know with everything I can still learn from you I will reach to the next level!!

Jorge Israel Hernandez
SA Texans SAFC Academy

For the past year, I have been going to Forza. While I am playing soccer at Forza, I am working hard and having fun. I have improved as an individual soccer player in many ways. I have not only seen myself get better at juggling and controlling the ball, but I have also improved on my technical skills like shooting and passing/receiving the ball. I also now know how to be loud and communicative with my teammates. At Forza, I have learned so much more than just soccer skills. I have also learned how to be polite and respectful to coaches and other players. Forza is a safe place for me to get to know new people and to make new friends. I feel that I have friends and encouraging coaches at Forza that help, push, and support me in making my soccer dreams come true.

Lillian Vandiver

My experience with Coach David & Forza has been great because I was able to go to a different country I never thought of ever going. Thanks to David I have been able to learn new skills, able to improve playing on the field & also able to go out of the country.

Coach David is strict at the point where all players learn something new every practice day. As a person Coach David is caring by taking care of his players as if we are his own children during trips to Europe, never taking eyes off of us & always keeping our bellies full, like he were another father looking over us.

I have been Forza for 1 year, but when I went on my first trip to Holland, it was a great life experience because during the time I was able to learn so many things about the country & was able to play against well-known teams & found out that we could be at the same level or higher.

Forza has helped me gain motivation to push myself in doing something I love, and to do well in academics to stay with Forza. Forza has also inspired me by seeing all the players going into big clubs like the National teams & great teams from Europe.

Forza means a lot to me because the preparation we are given for tournaments or scrimmage games at Europe can be really helpful for me to be able to be seen by scouters from professional teams.

Coach David & Forza have helped me improve on the way I see the field & improve on the way I play. Off the field coach & Forza have changed my attitude & being good in academics.

The environment at Forza is really friendly and fun because I’m able to meet new people & have more friends. What I like about the environment is that if you’re confused, players will help you understand the exercise.

Forza is more than just a training program starting with all the exotic exercises Coach David makes us do. In other training programs coaches won’t look for trips in Europe to play in competitions against high level teams, unlike coach David would do anything to look for something great for his players. Not only is Forza a training program, but it is also a United Family!

Lilu Castro

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