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For the entirety of my eighteen-year life, one dream has dominated my everyday actions, my thought process and ultimately my overall perception of life. The mere dream of becoming a professional soccer player used to shape the decisions that I made on a daily basis and has ultimately molded me into the person that I currently am today. In a lifetime, there are a handful of decisions that play a major role in directing a person down the path that they aspire to walk on; and as I sit here writing this testimonial as a Vfl Wolfsburg player, it is manifest that my decision to train with David Dinh at Forza has put me on the path that leads directly to where my goal lies.

I truly do not believe that any testimonial ever written about David Dinh or Forza can ever truly encompass every special detail that the Forza environment possesses. I began training at Forza at thirteen years old with a dream, and that dream has now been transformed into the reality that I am living today. Five years removed from the day I began training at Forza, I have made new goals for myself in regards to the sport of soccer; and I can genuinely say that each session that I partake in at Forza propels me closer to achieving these goals. The overall family atmosphere that Forza possesses is truly special and unrivaled and is a valuable commodity for anyone who has lofty aspirations in the game of soccer. Being comfortable in a training environment is a vital aspect to any players’ development and new Forza players are seamlessly added to the family without any hiccups. Training at Forza will help any player with aspirations for the game take massive steps towards achieving whatever the goal may be.  

As a player and as a trainer, David Dinh is truly exceptional. It is wildly unlikely to find a trainer who devotes fifteen hours out of a day to train his players but David does this multiple times on a weekly basis. David is a self proclaimed “Soccer Freak,” and I believe that this phrase is genuinely accurate when describing David. David Dinh can instill unquantifiable amounts of passion and love for soccer in just one session. As a person, David sticks out from the rest of the soccer community when you see how genuinely he cares for all of his players. David’s goal isn’t just to develop the best soccer players that he can, but he is also focused on developing the best human beings that he possibly can.

Thank you for everything that you have done for myself and my family throughout the years David!

Orrin McKinze Gaines II
Vfl Wolfsburg U-19, U-23, & and begin to be called up to Train and Play with the 1st Team

(as of 7/20/15)

When I was 13 years old, I began training at Forza in search of reaching my fullest soccer potential and to fulfill the lofty goals that I have for myself. And although I’m not there yet; four years later, I can genuinely say that each session that I partake in at Forza helps me to get even closer to obtaining my goals.

Words can’t even begin to describe David as a trainer and as a person. As a trainer, David is obsessed with helping each and every one of his players reach their fullest potential. As a person, David is one of the most selfless, caring individuals that the world has to offer. At Forza, and individual who takes part in the sessions run by David will not only learn exceptionally valuable soccer skills, but important life skills as well.

The environment that Forza possesses is also a valuable commodity for a player who has high aspirations. Forza is filled with players who have lofty soccer and life ambitions. Any player who wants to become a better soccer player will find unrivaled success in the Forza environment.

Thank you so much for everything that you do for me and my family, you truly are amazing David!

McKinze Gaines
Committed to UCLA
Future PRO

The purpose of this letter is to give my personal testimony of my experience at Forza under Coach David Dinh.

My experience at Forza was that of once in a life time. My whole life I felt that life was a bit unfair in regards to my soccer career. I always knew that I had talent for the beautiful game, but I also knew that if I wanted to become a next level player that I was going to have to train like a next level player. I’m from a very small town that only consists of two stop lights. Soccer is loved dearly in the area, but mostly for rec. I amongst other kids have had dreams of being professional soccer players, but what we didn’t have were any knowledge on how to make those dreams come true. We had the passion and love for the game necessary to pursue that dream, but what we didn’t have were anyone or anywhere to improve our abilities. Years down the road through persistence and desire to excel in the game that I loved, I managed to play my final year for my university where I met my teammate Walter Anaruo. He spoke to me about Forza and the great things it had to offer.

Walter invites me to train with him at Forza in Austin, Texas so that coach David could evaluate me and see if I was serious about the game. I remember that day clearly because little did I know I was about to become a 10x better than I ever thought I could be. I walk in the front door and immediately felt an incredible presence of pure professionalism and discipline. I met Coach David for the first time, looked him in the eye and introduced myself and with a firm hand shake I had officially met the man whom I’ve heard so many stories about.

Next, I met the other senior players; each respectfully greeted me and welcomed me. I immediately notice the family sense amongst everyone. My very first session with Coach David was the most specific, intense, and professional training session of my life. And it was only the first day. It was at the end of the session that I realized that Forza was exactly what I was missing my whole life. I had the privilege of training with some of Forza’s more experienced players and their level was that of professionals. By the end of that day I had made a decision to dedicate my every day to Forza so that I could become the best player that I could be.

Coach David made it clear that if I wanted to train there that I was going to have to be serious, disciplined, and treat everyone like my family. He was passionate about molding great human beings just as he was about creating incredible soccer players, amazingly he always managed to do both. During my six months there, I’ve witnessed Coach David do an incredible amount of things for other people; and not one of those times expect anything in return. Always gave Glory to God openly which for me, is very admirable. I’ve seen him sleep for about 3 hours some nights just to get up at 5:30 in the morning to make sure every Forza student was developing correctly for the 6 a.m sessions. I’ve seen him stay late at Forza doing the exact same thing. His hard work and dedication is the sole foundation of Forza results. Every student and every parent that is a part of Forza are very close, kids of all ages interacting with each other, pushing each other during trainings and advising each on and off the field. I’ve seen Forza parents come together to help with fundraisers and projects, there was always a helping hand in time of need, and you do not see that everywhere. “The Forza Family” is very real and valuable, everyone who has ever experienced Forza will always hold Coach David and the Forza Family in their hearts.

At the end of my 6 months, I have consciously recognized that my ability’s for the game have improved 10 fold. I can do things that I’ve never before, I can think faster than I thought was possible, and I can make decisions that I’d never have the confidence to do in the past. What Forza offers and what Coach David promises to provide as a coach, he does everything and more. I will always tell everyone about Forza, kids with dreams of being a professional soccer player, no matter where in the world I may meet them, I will always suggest that they go to Austin, Texas and experience Forza. It was the best decision of my life, not one sec was regretted. I am grateful to Coach David and the Forza family for everything they have done for me; I will forever be in his debt for blessing me with the opportunity to be the best player I can be. Let’s just say if I got to experience every technical soccer school in the world, I know that I would always choose Forza first. Thank you for everything Forza.


Adrian Elicerio

When I decided to continue my soccer career after college, I was introduced to Forza and coach David Dinh. It was without a doubt one of the best soccer experience I could’ve had as a soccer player. Forza brought the joy of playing soccer every day and coach David took me in with open arms and believe in me without ever have meeting me. Coach David has been a great impact in my life, he is a not only a great coach but also a great friend and mentor. He believes in every soccer player that walks in through Forza and encourages his players to never give up until they have worked to their full potential. He is a caring person, funny, respectful, humble, and has a big heart which has made him successful.

Forza has helped me in developing different skills, believe in myself and has instilled the hard work mentality in my career. Forza to me means not giving up, doing everything you can every day to become a better soccer player.

I continue to go back to Forza after 3 years of being involved, I call Forza home because I have spent hours developing my skills and enjoying every moment. I love to visit coach every chance and surround myself in such a focused, discipline, hard work and positive environment.

 Thank you Coach David, may God continue to bless you with more joyful memories.

Chuy Cortes

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