Development Before Results!

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Forza Newsflash: SeeĀ Fall, Winter, and Spring Classes & Camps posted on Austin Schedule and Pricing and Fees. See News as well as Testimonials.

Accepting New Students for Fall Classes

Forza is officially accepting NEW STUDENTS for the fall of 2015. Please help me get the words out to your Friends, teammates and anyone you know that might be interested on the Forza Development Training Program for their child.

We are accepting players from the age of 5 years old all the way up to 17 years old. I am also opening up an CO-ED ADULT CLASS. If you are interested, please let me know ASAP and I can find a day and time to run the session.

New Fall training schedule is posted on the Forza website.I am looking forward to another AWESOME YEAR full of unforgettable soccer memories to share with your child/children.

Forza is growing leaps and bounds, continuing to open up our relationships with many top Clubs in the world. This will benefit all Forza players and our community.

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"Development Before Results!"

Starting in September 7, we are going to start a new schedule for the Fall. The format also changes. I am going to rate each player at a different level. They have to attend and PASS specific level before they can advance to the next.


We are going to have Monday through Fridays 5-8, if we need to then we will open 8-9pm and also Saturdays (if enough sign up).

Mondays, Tuesdays and (Saturdays) will be run by Abrahim.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be run by me.

Level 1-6, Beginners
Level 7-12, Intermediate and Advanced

5-6pm:  Level 1-2
6-7pm: Level 3-4
7-8pm: Level 5-6
8-9pm: Level 5-6 (TBA)


5-6pm: Level 7-8

6-7pm: Level 9-10
7-8pm: Level 11-12
8-9pm: Level 11-12. (TBA)

Thursday and Friday same as Wednesday: SESSIONS WILL BE TAUGHT BY DAVID

Any parents have questions where their child is, please have them contact me ASAP.

We are open to accept new enrollment and candidates for Fall season 2015.

Parents needs to book before and prepay for all sessions!!!

Soccer Freak
"Development Before Results!"

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In the News

Forza Players Make Detroit Waza Flo Pro Indoor Soccer Team

Congratulate Brian Ataka Omondi, Chance Sztanyo, and Darwin Rios, on making the Detroit Waza Flo Professional Indoor Soccer Team. Our 3 young men have been training and preparing for upcoming opportunities for the last couple of years. Brian, Chance and Darwin tried out for the Waza Flo PRO team in Detroit. Four new players made the team, ALL 3 FORZA PLAYERS received the great news from the Waza Coaching staff. Words CAN NOT explain how proud Forza is of these 3 young men. This opportunity is a great stepping stone to kick start their Professional Carreer. All 3 players will continue to take college classes while playing PRO Soccer.

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